Andreas Kalcker sells dangerous fake hope


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 Andres Kalcker sells dangerous fake hope

There are a lot of videos on Youtube with Andreas Kalcker talking about the same bullshit over and over again. Here is one of them:

Andreas Kalcker talks something about autism treatment in that video. According to him, autism is a “vaccinal parasitosis”, meaning that autism is caused by 2 factors – vaccination and parasites. Actually, he just put together 2 common quacks spread all over the internet nowadays:


1. Vaccines cause all illnesses, including autism.

2. Parasites cause all diseases, including autism.


a) As for the first one, most of the studies did not find a link between vaccination and autism (1).

b) As for the second one, there is no evidence that parasites cause autism.

c) Concerning both of the factors, there is no evidence that these 2 factors together cause autism, as Kalcker says.


Kalcker‘s evidence:

He says that he has allegedly cured 133 autistic children with his protocol. He also states as evidence a few pictures of something that reputedly contains ova of parasites. Of course, these “allegedly”, “something” and “reputedly” are no scientific evidence, proving no way his theory of autism pathogenesis. Kalcker also cites some studies (6-13, see below), but none of them proves his hypothesis and actually, most of them are not directed towards that hypothesis at all. It resembles me Andrew Wakefield – he also said (is still saying) that his research was replicated in 28 studies. It was not and it could not be, because they did not address the hypothesis (15, 16).

Well, we could stop here with simple conclusion that there is no scientific evidence of Kacker’s theories. But it would be a pity to stop here, because there is much more in this video to point out and to show what a fraud he actually is.

Kalcker says: “I am not specialist on that (parasites), I am a biophysicist, but I am a specialist on logic” (8:53). He refers to his logic, instead of science, more times in the video (ca. 5-times). Or he often says “it’s a fact” without referring to a study (ca. 6-times). So let’s look at the logic of him and his “facts”:


1. Kalcker is introduced as (1:01): „…the lead researcher in chlorine dioxide…“ Kalcker also calls himself a researcher more times in the video (3:11). So I was quite excited at seeing some of his studies in scientific magazines. But then, I got upset, because the results are as follows:

Number of Kalckers studies on chlorine dioxide: 0

Total number of Kalckers studies: 0


2. Kalcker complains that “nowadays medicine is not researching in a scientific way at all – it’s just a fact” (4:00). 45 seconds later, he says that “autism is curable” and as an evidence, he refers to a girl at the beginning of the video who says that she has done Biomed (18), then CD (chlorine dioxide) and then her mother told her that she was recovered = anecdotal evidence, that is exactly what Kalcker says – “not a scientific way at all”. On the other hand, Kalcker says that “it is not a question of science, it is a question of heart” (2:29).


3. “133 children, or even more, because some may have not reported back” (4:50)

Or they have not reported back, because they found out that Kalcker is a pure charlatan who makes money on parents of autistic children. Who knows, how many of them were like that, Kalcker forgot to tell us that by using his scientific-heart-logic methods.


4. Kalcker says that autistic children have parasites in spite of negative stool and ELISA tests. He even discourages people from making stool tests, according to him, it is a waste of money (8:00). But stool tests are the basic diagnostic tool for parasites which Kalcker is talking about – intestinal helmints (flukes, tapeworms and roundworms). Never mind, Kalcker goes on – according to him, it is a new, yet unknown, species (9:02) which has been identified by him (in spite of him saying that he is not a specialist on parasites) and nobody else (neither specialists – parasitologists). And later, he cites scientific articles with known species which we know to identify and diagnose (6-11, see below). Kalcker then laments that no university is listening to him, but 1.5 minutes ago, he says that Bologna University responded to his “findings” saying that these are pseudoparasites – simply said something that resembles parasites, but is not a parasite, for example inflammatory mucus plugs mixed with mucosal lining and food remnants (7:27).

Kalcker says that they (the specialists from Bologna University) have no evidence for it and goes on, he asks: “who or what is causing it?” (7:46) Well Kalcker, epithelial mucosal cells, food remnants and mucus are common stool components. The mucus is produced by this:



No, it’s not a parasite, it is a goblet cell which can be found in epithelium of intestinal mucus lining (also elsewhere) (19).

Inflammatory mucus maybe because, as your protocol says, you pump the colon of these children with industrial bleach and feed them with antiparasitic drugs and other chemicals till they get a diarrhea (see below)…

Kalcker declares that people have parasites in spite of them not being found in colonoscopy. Kalcker says that it is because they are washed out during laxative preparation of patients for colonoscopy (11:30). While saying that, there is a picture of parasites found during colonoscopy in his presentation. And here are some more similar lovely pictures (with nice classic music in the background) from gastroenterologist Dr. Murra Saca from Salvador (20).


5. In Kalcker’s opinion, autistic symptoms correspond with the symptoms of paracitic infections (12:58). There are a lot of parasites, so let’s look at for example a roundworm Ascaris lumbricoides which Kalcker refers to sometimes in the video:

Symptoms: chest pressure, tiredness, subfebrilia, dry choky cough, nausea, vomiting, allergic symptoms, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, anemia, etc.

Autistic symptoms: see the reference 23

Kalcker says that „match“ (12:58). lol

On Kalckers website (24), he writes that these are the typical symptoms of autism:

hyperammonemic encefalopathy, incoordination, ataxia, tremor, seizures, decerebrate posturing, growth retardation, lethargy.

The first one is not a symptom, but brain disorder/damage caused by hyperammonemia – increased level of blood ammonia which can have a lot of causes (30). The other symptoms are the symptoms of hyperammonemia which have been randomly chosen from the picture presented by Kalcker (16:10).These are not symptoms of autism, no way typical ones.


6. Kalcker remarks that parasites release toxins – histamine, malondialdehyde, formaldehyde, ammonia and morphine (13:07).

As for formaldehyde, there is no evidence for it and Kalcker cites nothing.

As for histamine, parasites do not release histamine. Histamine is produced by special immune cells of the parasite host (mast cells).

In case of malondialdehyde, Kalcker refers to a study (28) which does not say that parasites release malondialdehyde, but it says that people infected with parasite have increased blood serum malondialdehyde level. Malondialdehyde is produced during oxidative stress and it is a marker of it. The study therefore says that oxidative stress (and lipid peroxidation) is one of the mechanisms by which the parasite causes tissue damage in its host.

In case of ammonia, Kalcker refers to parasite Trichomonas vaginalis (16:40) which causes trichomoniasis – an STD. Trichomonas produces ammonia locally and does not cause hyperammonemia. A few minutes later, Kalcker is making fun of vaccination against hepatitis B for infants and argues that his child does not have sexual relationships and blood transfer (24:20). Yes Kalcker, your child does not have sexual relationships and that’s why it does not have trichomonas vaginalis which would cause it hyperammonemia (cannot) and then that symptoms of autism (cannot). lol

As for morphine, Kalcker cites a study (29) which says that Ascaris suum (large roundworm of pigs) produces morphine.


click to see GIF picture


7. Change of topic: diabetes type 1 (DM1):

Kalcker states that one woman has recovered from DM1 by using his protocol. She is said to have had a glycemia 500 and after applying the protocol 100. Then she met Kalcker and said “Hey Andreas, I have no diabetes any more” (21:17).

Kalcker and the woman, both of them know nothing about DM1. Normal glycemia in patients with DM1 is not sign of recovery, but compensation. But compensation can be achieved by healthy lifestyle (diet + sport), one does not need bleach enema, antiparasitic drugs and other stuff from Kalckers store (see below).


8. Kalcker pronounces that unvaccinated children are healthier than vaccinated children and that they have less autism, asthma, aso. He cites a survey from New Zealand and Kiggs study from Germany (23:45).

The first one from New Zealand is not a study, but a survey organized by a New Zealand antivax group IAS (33). Real scientific studies did not confirm the results of this survey (34).

The second one is only a misinterpretation of results from Kiggs study (35) by an economist and homeopath Andreas Bachmair (36). The original Kiggs study has pretty clear conclusion:

„The prevalence of allergic diseases and non-specific infections in children and adolescents was not found to depend on vaccination status“ (35). In addition to that, the study found that vaccine preventable diseases occur more often in unvaccinated children than in the vaccinated ones.


Kalcker then looks pissed off (25:05) saying that “they (big-pharma) are poisoning our kids”. It is funny to hear from an individual who feeds autistic children with non-indicated  drugs and pumps their colon with bleach (see below) till they have the shits, and till their parents find in that shit something which according to Kalcker looks like a parasite.


9. Kalcker then trumpets that larva migrans (38) occur only because of vaccination, because according to him, vaccines weaken immune system and that causes parasitic larvae to migrate from intestine further to the body (26:05). He presents no evidence and at the end of the section only adds that “this is my personal opinion”.

Vaccination does not weaken ones immune system (37), quite the contrary, vaccination strengthens it.

Larva migrans (LM) is a syndrome caused by parasitic larva migrating trough the body (38). If the larvae migrate through the skin, is is called LM cutanea, if they are in organs and tissues, it is called LM visceralis. Sometimes they can get into the eyes – LM ocularis. The most common cause of LM cutanea is Ancylostoma braziliensis – hookworm (40), the cause of LM visceralis is for example Toxocara canis – dog roundworm (41) which can also cause LM ocularis.

LM cutanea, caused for example by Ancylostoma, occurs when the larvae penetrate the skin and get deeper in tissues and organs. They do not migrate vice versa (from intestine to skin) (40). The second situation (from intestine to skin) can be found for example in Toxocarae, but the migration does not depend on vaccination of the host, but it is natural part of their life-cycle.


10. Kalcker’s autism treatment protocol (30:32):

The protocol is said to be directed against roundworm Ascaris lumbricoides in spite of that 21 minutes ago, Kalcker said that it is a new yet unknown species (see above).

It includes:

Mebendazole (Vermox) – antiparasitic drug – antihelminticum

Piperazine (Entacyl) – antiparasitic drug – antihelminticum

Castor oil – good to cause diarrhoea (3)

diatomaceous earth – contains silica, alumina and iron oxide

epazote – a plant used as an antihelminticum 100 years ago, it was superseded by safer and more effective antihelmintics. Overdose causes stomach and intestine inflammation with abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhoea, there have also been some cases of death (4)

neem – a tree, from which an oil is being made. It is used in Ayurvedic medicine as an antihelminticum, the efficacy of it is not known, there have been some cases of poisoning including deaths (5)

acidified sodium chlorite – chlorine dioxide; aka CDS or MMS (46) – in form of enemas (35:30)

Looking at this protocol, I do not wonder that one can find something similar to parasites or similar to mucus with parasitic ova in shit of Kalckers victims.

Kalcker emphasizes more times in the video, that it is a non-systemic treatment, that means, according to Kalcker, the drugs used in protocol stay in the intestines and do not absorb into the circulation. It is not true, because these substances can absorb, see for example the pharmacokinetics of Mebendazole (21) or Piperazine (22) which acts systemically.

Kalcker says that one should keep the protocol months (1 to 3 months) (30:50), however, Mebendazole should be used only 3 days (42, 43).


11. Kalcker about oxidative stress (36:45):

“when you here the oxidative stress theories, you can just throw them in the dustbin”

“they are wrong, because they are based on a wrong base”

22 minutes ago, Kalcker cited in case of malondialdehyde a study which says that oxidative stress (and lipid peroxidation) is one of the mechanisms which damage the tissue in people infected by parasite (see above point 5). Malondialdehyde is a product of oxidative stress.

Ok Kalcker, when you say so… All of your theory is wrong, because it is based on a wrong base and we can just throw it in the dustbin.


12. Kalcker affirms that MMS was approved by FDA (36:32) and that it is a legal medicine (39:45).

As for the first one, he refers to a document not from FDA, but from WHO (31) which assesses the safety of chlorine dioxide, or acidified sodium chlorite, as an antimicrobial disinfection substance used in food industry.

As for the second one, he refers to European union which approved the use of intravenous sodium chlorite (NP001) for an experimental treatment of ALS (44, 45). It was approved neither for treating anything else nor for other form of usage.

Concerning the FDA, it released a warning about MMS, saying that people should not take MMS, because there have been a lot of reported cases of poisoning with vomiting followed by dehydration after taking MMS (32).


I have chosen only a few bullshits from Kalcker’s presentation, there is much more of it.

Kalcker refers to some scientific studies, but none of them proves his hypothesis – that autism is caused by parasites and vaccines and that it is possible to treat it with his protocol. He either stretch the results of studies, which he cites, to suit himself, or cherry picks their results or ignores them completely and at the end he just adds “it’s a fact” pointing at the study. It is a common tactic of charlatans who wrap up their quacks and fabrications in science this way. The duped ones then sit in the first rows at his lectures. Moreover, by saying most of his fairy stories, he cites no science or scientific studies.

Why is he doing it? Because of money, why else… Firstly, the headline of this article should have been “Andreas Kalcker has no idea what he is doing and saying”, but it is not his case. He knows very well what he is doing (making money) and what and how to say to earn money.

Kalckers website links to a CDS online-shop (47). He sells books, CDs and DVDs about CDS miracle (48). Seminars with him cost about 100 dollars (49) and he also earns on personal consultations (50), during which he discourages people from treatment and woos people to use (buy) his products. You can buy also his online consultation for 100 dollars/hour (51).

kalcker3 - Copy2

And that’s not all. Kalcker is a member of sect called Genesis 2 (52, 53, 54). Not a sect actually, but rather an international organization that sells CDS/MMS products. The arcibishop of it is Jim Humble, the “inventor” of MMS quacks, Kalcker is a bishop. Kerri Rivera who can be seen at the beginning of the video and who also propagates CDS/MMS products, is also a bishop in this group. How can you join? Simply, you pay. How can you get higher in the ranking of the sect? Simply, you pay more and promote CDS/MMS products (52, 53, 54).


charlatans Jim Humble, Andreas Kalcker and Kerri Rivera

Well, and while these CDS/MMS businessmen enjoy their packet, you can find the torment of their victims on internet – a mother, who applied the protocol on her own son (55):

„My 14YO son has autism. I’ve been treating him with a parasite cleanse system for 1.5 years (5 days on, 2 days off). He’s made some remarkable improvements, but every time I try to wean him off the cleanse, the parasite symptoms flare up. He is nonverbal and fairly low-functioning, so I don’t get any feedback from him as to how he is feeling. Last week, I started him on 1 drop of MMS then upped the dose to 1 drop, 2x a day this week. After about 4 days at 2 drops/day, he vomited once and had diarrhea all day. I am assuming it is the MMS. I decided to drop down to 1 drop/day again until he gets beyond this. He tends to have loose stools anyway, which I am guessing is related to this ongoing battle with the parasites. His gut tends to be very sensitive to anything I give him, so I have to go very carefully with anything new like the MMS. I am still giving him the other parasite cleanse (Systemic Formulas VRM 1-4). I would love to hear anyone’s ideas or insight into this. I am working with a homeopath who has done extensive research into parasite cleanses, but she has not researched MMS. I’m looking to get my son beyond these parasites once and for all. My homeopath and her colleagues are autism experts and do consults with parents from around the world. They have found that the children with autism who are considered “tough nuts” tend to also be parasite kids. With their compromised immune systems, it is difficult to eradicate parasites.“



Kalcker’s diagnosis:

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